Crankshaft And Bearing Noises

Recently a customer towed her 07 BMW 328i in with a strange condition. She stated there was engine noise and a rough idle. When the car arrived there were no conditions, she had a solid check engine light on. Upon scanning the system we found a misfire code for cylinder #6. We performed a compression check on cylinder #6 and found 30 lbs of pressure as well as a bent top on the spark plug, something had struck the top of the plug. Compression on a 125,000 mile engine should have been at least 100 psi. Upon a visual inspection we found car to have 2 oil leaks and there was metal inside her oil filter. We ran a test on the oil pump with an external gauge and oil pump had perfect oil pressure. She had changed her oil in proper mileage intervals, but she had let the 2 oil leaks cause the demise of her engine. Just like our bodies need the proper amount of blood, our cars have to have the proper amount of oil at all times. Her lack of correct oil amount had made too much friction between her bearings and her crank, causing her crank to be shaved. The metal shavings found in the oil filter was the 1st evidence with another being lack of lubrication on #6 piston and cylinder sleeve for piston to “slap” the spark plug. Because the crank and bearings are in the lower part of the engine, piston is in the middle and valve issue on cylinder #6 is on the top of the engine we recommended a used engine replacement and saved her $6500.00 If you ever suspect any engine sound or condition immediately turn car off, check oil level and water and TOW THE CAR !!!!!!! It is the best insurance you can do for your engine. At Wholesale Tire & Automotive we will gladly perform a complimentary inspection and perform the necessary tests for you, simply call us. Kenni


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